Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm playing with auntie Chau. She makes me laugh so hard :)


Umm, how can I open it?
Mommy, can you help me?
Daddy, can you help? Mommy doesn't know how to open it.
Nobody opens it for me. I go to play with Mini.
This is my Mini.


I really love to read.
I'm reading "Snow White and 7 dwarfs"

When finishing the book, I say "xong" i.e. "Done" :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Crocs

My daddy just bought me a pair of crocs.
I really like them but it seems too big now.
This is Dopey, isn't it mommy?

Anh Thịnh's birthday party

Happy 14th birthday to my dear cousin, Thinh!

Grandma, what's fun overthere? Why do people ask me to clap? :)

Grandma with 3 grandchildren.

Chi Nguyen, do you see my long tongue? :)

I really like to play with my mommy's keys chain,
but she thinks I can hide it somewhere she can not find.

Do you like my new outfit?